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Canvas and Decor Pricing and Shipping

Published 07/28/2021 08:26 AM   |    Updated 07/28/2021 08:26 AM

Please see below for pricing and shipping information for products in the Canvas and Decor product category.


Gift Pricing 



2x3 Magnet  


3x3 Photo Cube  


4x4 Framed Magnet  


4x6 Framed Magnet  


4x6 Magnet  


5x7 Glass Print  


14x20 Pillow  


18x18 Pillow  


Acrylic Paperweight  


Beach Towel  


Christmas Stocking  


Compact Mirror  


Cutting Board  


Dish Towel  


Fancy Metal Easel  


Fleece Blanket, 50x60  


Fleece Blanket, 60x80  


Keepsake Box  


Personalized Floor Mat  






Plush Fleece Blanket, 50x60  


Plush Fleece Blanket, 60x80  


Porcelain Plate  


Pot Holder  


Rectangular Glass Tray  


Round Glass Plate  


Sherpa Fleece Blanket  


Shower Curtain  


Square Glass Plate  


Stone Coasters 


Stone Heart

Stone Trivet

Tapestry Blanket  




TilePix (3-Pack)  




Wood Magnet Set  


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Gift Shipping and Handling

QuantityStandard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Rush (Overnight)
1 gift$5.99 total$13.99 total$24.99 total
Ea. add'l giftadd $1.99add $3.99add $5.99

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Canvas Pricing

SizePrice: UnframedPrice: Framed
Canvas Print, 5x7$12.99Not Available
Canvas Print, 8x10$39.99$59.99
Canvas Print, 11x14 $49.99$69.99
Canvas Print, 12x12$49.99$69.99
Canvas Print, 16x20$89.99$119.99
Canvas Print, 20x24 (not available for same day pickup)$149.99$199.99
Canvas Print, 20x30 (not available for same day pickup)$169.99$249.99

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Collage Canvas 

SizePrice: UnframedPrice: Framed
8x10 Collage Canvas$44.99$64.99
12x12 Collage Canvas$54.99$74.99
11x14 Collage Canvas$54.99$74.99
16x20 Collage Canvas$94.99$124.99

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Acrylic Panel, Custom Floating Frame, Metal Panel, Wood Hanger and Wood Panel Pricing

11x14 Acrylic Panel$79.99
5x7 Custom Floating Frame $49.99
8x10 Custom Floating Frame$49.99
4x6 Custom Floating Frame$49.99
4x4 Custom Floating Frame$49.99
Metal Panel, 5x7$29.99
Metal Panel, 8x10$36.99
Metal Panel, 11x14 (available for same day pickup)$59.99
Metal Panel, 12x12$59.99
Metal Panel, 16x20$69.99
Metal Panel, 20x24$99.99
Metal Panel, 20x30$129.99
Premium Wood Panel, 8x10 (available for same day pickup)$49.99
Wood Hanger Board Print$29.99
Wood Panel, 5x7 (available for same day pickup)$24.99
Wood Panel, 8x10 (available for same day pickup)$39.99
Wood Panel, 11x14$59.99
Wood Panel, 12x12$59.99
Wood Panel, 16x20$69.99
Wood Panel, 20x30$99.99

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Wood Panel Collage 

5x7 Wood Panel Collage$25.99
8x10 Wood Panel Collage$41.99

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Canvas (small 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 Wood Hanger) Shipping and Handling

SizeQuantityEconomyStandard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Overnight (Rush)
5x7 or 8x10 size, Wood Hanger (11x14)1 product$7.99 total$19.99 total$31.99 total$37.99 total
SizeQuantityEconomyStandard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Overnight (Rush)
 Ea. add'l Productadd $4.00add $5.49add $7.00add $7.00

Canvas (large 11x14, 12x12,16x20,20x30, Custom Floating Frames, 11x14 Acrylic Panel)
SizeQuantityEconomy Standard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Overnight (Rush)
11x14, 12x12, 16x20, 20x24, 20x30 or Custom Floating Frame, Acrylic Panel1 product$14.99 total$25.99 total$36.99 total$41.99 total
 Ea. add'l Productadd $7.00add $8.99add $10.00add $10.00

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Split Canvas

Split Canvas Set of 2(2) 8x10$67.98
 (2) 11x14$84.98
 (2) 16x20$152.98
Split Canvas Set of 3(3) 8x10$101.48
 (3) 11x14$127.48
 (3) 12x12$127.48
Split Canvas Set of 4(4) 8x10$139.96
 (4) 12x12$169.96

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Photo Sets
Available in canvas sets, wood panel sets & magnet sets. Sets are available for a 15% discount already included in price. Available in Same Day Pickup only. 

Canvas (2) 8x10,(1) 11x14$110.48
 (3) 11x14$127.48
 (3) 16x20$229.48
Wood Panel8x10$135.97
Framed Magnets(4) 4x4, (4) 4x6$23.77

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